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Raging Achilles essays

Raging Achilles essays In the book the Iliad, an epic poem written by the famous Greek native poet, Homer, he seems to be focus on the gruesome details of the war. I see it as the Greeks version of the movie, "Saving Private Ryan" as it tells us of the makes-you-sick-to-your-stomach kind of detail of the war. However, the ultimate devastation and emotional conflicts of the actual fighting of Trojan War are not the main theme of this heroic tale. The real story centers on the rage of the hero named Achilles. Achilles, the King of the Myrmidons, shows the most rage of any of the Achaean warriors. In the beginning of the Iliad, Homer gives Achilles a coward-like shadow as Achilles chooses to retreat back to his own ships of Myrmidons. Yet, Achilles rage gets him to speak up against and even challenge Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae and commander of the Greek forces, to fight him. This leads Achilles to withdraw from the war, leaving his friends and warriors to die on the battlefield. This act shows how the rage of Achilles can blind him of the important things going on in his life. His rage will later on play a bigger role in his heroic life. Rage is the first word of the Iliad and it plays a role to the heroic deed that Achilles performs. Patroclus, a Greek warrior and dearest friend of Achilles, beg Achilles to come back and help his warriors change the tide of the war. Achilles is not very into it, until the word that Patroclus is killed by Hector, the commander of the Trojan forces. The death of Patroclus awakens the rage of Achilles once again. He wants revenge so he seeks out for Hector and avenges Patrocluss death. We see Achilles take offense to the death of Patroclus and reacts with harsh demands and attacks. The rage of Achilles is one that cannot be contain by himself or others. ...

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Electrophoresis Definition and Explanation

Electrophoresis Definition and Explanation Electrophoresis is the term used to describe the motion of particles in a gel or fluid within a relatively uniform electric field. Electrophoresis may be used to separate molecules based on charge,  size, and binding affinity. The technique  is mainly applied to separate and analyze biomolecules, such as DNA, RNA, proteins, nucleic acids, plasmids, and  fragments of these macromolecules. Electrophoresis is one of the techniques used to identify source DNA, as in paternity testing and forensic science. Electrophoresis of anions or negatively charged particles is called anaphoresis. Electrophoresis of cations or positively charged particles is called cataphoresis. Electrophoresis was first observed in 1807 by Ferdinand Frederic Reuss of Moscow State University, who noticed clay particles migrated in water subjected to a continuous electric field. Key Takeaways: Electrophoresis Electrophoresis is a technique used to separate molecules in a gel or fluid using an electric field.The rate and direction of particle movement in the electric field depends on the molecules size and electric charge.Usually electrophoresis is used to separate macromolecules, such as DNA, RNA, or proteins. How Electrophoresis Works In electrophoresis, there are two primary factors that control how quickly a particle can move and in what direction. First, the charge on the sample matters. Negatively charged species are attracted to the positive pole of an electric field, while positively charged species are attracted to the negative end. A neutral species may be ionized if the field is strong enough. Otherwise, it doesnt tend to be affected. The other factor is particle size. Small ions and molecules can move through a gel or liquid much more quickly than larger ones. While a charged particle is attracted to an opposite charge in an electric field, there are other forces that affect how a molecule moves. Friction and the electrostatic retardation force slow the progress of particles through the fluid or gel. In the case of gel electrophoresis, the concentration of the gel can be controlled to determine the pore size of the gel matrix, which influences mobility. A liquid buffer is also present, which controls the pH of the environment. As molecules are pulled through a liquid or gel, the medium heats up. This can denature the molecules as well as affect the rate of movement. The voltage is controlled to try to minimize the time required to separate molecules, while maintaining a good separation and keeping the chemical species intact. Sometimes electrophoresis is performed in a refrigerator to help compensate for the heat. Types of Electrophoresis Electrophoresis encompasses several related analytical techniques. Examples include: affinity electrophoresis - Affinity electrophoresis is a type of electrophoresis in which particles are separated based on complex formation or biospecific interactioncapillary electrophoresis - Capillary electrophoresis is a  type of electrophoresis used to separate ions depending mainly on the atomic radius, charge, and viscosity. As the name suggests, this technique is commonly performed in a glass tube. It yields quick results and a high resolution separation.gel electrophoresis - Gel electrophoresis is a  widely used type of electrophoresis in which molecules are separated by movement through a porous gel under the influence of an electrical field. The two main gel materials are agarose and polyacrylamide. Gel electrophoresis is used to separate nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), nucleic acid fragments, and proteins.immunoelectrophoresis - Immunoelectrophoresis is the general name given to a variety of electrophoretic techniques used to characterize and separate proteins based on their reaction to antibodies. electroblotting - Electroblotting is a technique used to recover nucleic acids or proteins following electrophoresis by transferring them onto a membrane. The polymers polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) or nitrocellulose are commonly used. Once the specimen has been recovered, it can be further analyzed using stains or probes. A western blot is one form of electroblotting used to detect specific proteins using artificial antibodies.pulsed-field gel electrophoresis - Pulsed-field electrophoresis is used to separate macromolecules, such as DNA, by periodically changing the direction of the electric field applied to a gel matrix. The reason the electric field is changed is because traditional gel electrophoresis is unable to efficiently separate very large molecules that all tend to migrate together. Changing the direction of the electric field gives the molecules additional directions to travel, so they have a path through the gel. The voltage is generally switched between three directions : one running along the axis of the gel and two at 60 degrees to either side. Although the process takes longer than traditional gel electrophoresis, its better at separating large pieces of DNA. isoelectric focusing - Isoelectric focusing (IEF or electrofocusing) is a form of electrophoresis that separates molecules based on different isoelectric points. IEF is most often performed on proteins because their electrical charge depends on pH.

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The Rwanda Genocide Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Rwanda Genocide - Thesis Example The belief that one ethnic group was superior to the other is among the reasons why these events took place and they have remained a traumatic event in the history of Rwanda (De Lame 2009: 188). There have been attempts in recent years to reconcile the individuals who were on different sides during this genocide and this has been done in a manner, which is meant to ensure that Rwanda develops into a single cohesive society without any ethnic conflicts between the people of this state. Thus, in order to develop an understanding of the reasons behind the efforts of reconciliation, a discussion has to be made concerning the definition of ethnicity and the remedies, which can be used to ensure that it does not come to dominate the daily lives of individuals from different ethnic groups. In addition, a study of a similar process in South Africa has to be carried out and using this information develop an understanding of how to deal with reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda. Apartheid South Africa, like Rwanda, was characterised by high levels of brutality and state-sponsored violence favouring one ethnic group over the other. It was in an attempt to deal with the aftermath of these instances that the government worked towards the development of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission where the truth concerning all the atrocities committed could be revealed so that all of the parties involved could find closure. This was essentially a dialogue between the oppressor and the oppressed and it was a means through which peace could be brought between them in a manner that prevented any potential conflict from taking place in the country because of past grievances (Gibson 2004: 40). However, while the South African commission was essentially created for political reasons since its purpose was to help in the transition from an autocratic system to a democratic one, any of such mechanisms that are developed in Rwanda should avoid any political allegiances.  

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What could be the expected positive and negative effects of European Essay

What could be the expected positive and negative effects of European Monetary Union on a member country's economy - Essay Example The European Monetary Union (EMU) has been such framework. However, the challenges related to the particular plan have been many. In practice, persuading the member states to align their fiscal and economic policies has been proved a challenging task. The gradual implementation of EMU across member states has been considered as a strategy for controlling risks related to this initiative. The incorporation of ‘the principle of freedom of capital movement in the Treaty for the European Union’, in 1993, has been the starting point of EMU. At the next level, two important activities had to be performed for promoting EMU: ‘the introduction of the legislation related to EMU in all member states and the introduction of the common currency, the euro’. These activities that lasted from 1994 to 1998 have been incorporated in the second phase of EMU’s implementation. From January 1999 the third phase of this plan has started; this phase involves in the replaceme nt of national currencies of member states by euro. In practice, it has been proved that EMU can result to both positive and negative effects for member states. The particular issue is explored in this paper. Reference is made to UK and Spain, as examples, for showing the positive and negative effects of EMU both for countries within the euro zone and for those that are outside the euro zone. In this way also, the potential implications of the entry of a member state in Euro zone are made clear. 2. Which could be the expected positive and negative effects of European Monetary Union on a member country's economy? The participation of countries in a monetary union has been related to a series of benefits. For the member states that participate in EMU these benefits would be also available. According to Albertin (2008) one of the most important benefits of participating in a monetary union is ‘the significant increase of bilateral trade between the countries that have joined such union’ (Albertin 2008, p.3). It is not made clear though whether this benefit can continue in the long term or whether it is related only to the initial period of a country’s entrance in a moneta ry union. On the other hand, a monetary union can protect its members against strong market turbulences. Indeed, during strong financial crises the countries that are members of a monetary union can easier keep their economy stabilized at the level that their interest rates are not highly affected by the crisis, at least not so high as the rates of the countries that do not participate on monetary unions (Farina and Tamborini 2008, p.152). The recent financial crisis can be considered as an indicative example of the above case; the countries that are members of EMU have managed to protect their economy from extensive losses, mostly because they have been under the protection of EMU (Tausch and Heshmati 2012). The fact that not all members of EMU have managed to secure their economy against the global crisis is not related solely to their participation in EMU but it has been also related to their existing fiscal and social policies (Tausch and Heshmati 2012). In any case, the potenti als of a monetary union ‘to protect its members against asymmetric shocks’ (De Grauwe 2012, p.27) seem to be high. Another important benefit of monetary unions is

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The Plays of Tennessee Williams Essay -- Authors

Tennessee Williams was known as one of the greatest and most controversial playwrights in American history. He once said â€Å"I believe that writing or any form of creative work was never meant by nature to be a man’s way of making a living, that when it becomes one it almost certainly loses a measure of purity† (Lewis 54). This statement shows that Williams was a genuine writer who used his plays and poems to express his own thoughts. Williams was known for his Southern Gothic writing style. This is â€Å"a style of writing practiced by many writers of the American South whose stories set in that region are characterized by grotesque, macabre, or fantastic incidents† (â€Å"Southern gothic†). Some critics believe that Williams had sacrificed his talent for fame and fortune; however, other critics believe his writings were original works of art. When Williams’ lover, Frank Merlo, died he went into a deep depression and his writing began to suffer. His plays were becoming less and less desirable and the amount of time each was on Broadway was slimming down little by little. Williams’ beginning writings were works of art, but they became predictable as time went on. Although he did use a lot of recurring themes and symbols, each individual piece had a life and moral value of its’ own. Williams was born March 26, 1911. His mother and father were Edwina and Cornelius Williams respectively. His mother was the divine essence of a southern belle whose main focus was being of the social elite. His father was a drunken shoe salesman who would later be claimed as the reason for Williams’ homosexuality. Williams’ siblings include Rose and Dakin Williams. It is said that his only real company growing up was his sister and their Negro nursemaid, Ozzie. ... ..., Gilbert. Tennessee Williams and Friends. Cleveland: World Pub., 1965. Print. "One Arm and Other Stories." Goodreads. Goodreads Inc, 2007. Web. 31 Mar. 2012. . Smith, Nicole. "The Tragic Figure of Laura in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams." Article Myriad. Article Myriad, 6 Dec. 2011. Web. 01 Apr. 2012. . "Southern gothic." Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2012. Web. 01 Apr. 2012. . Print. "Tennessee Williams." - Quotes, Biography, Quote, Works, Festival, Poetry, Poems, Bio, Writing Style, Autobiography, Bibliography. N. p. Web. 28 Mar. 2012. .

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Daimler Ag and Mercedes Benz

Question 1: Identify the global marketing environmental in this case. Show with references to Daimler’s product markets, how it might monitor and meet these environmental challenges in next three years. Mercedes Benz is a German based manufacturer of luxury cars, trucks an coaches and it also world’s oldest automobile company. There are 13 major automobile players in the European automobile industry and outside European giants are Toyota & Nissan. Mercedes Benz has a manufacturing plant in South Africa where they manufactured one third of all passenger cars in EU.They produce 18. 6 million passenger cars, trucks and buses per annum. Motor manufacturing in EU is a source of worker mobility, social and cultural activity. More than 12 million families depend on automobile employment and 10 million being employed in related sectors like electrics, panel, tyres etc. Mercedes Benz production is now on global basis. Traditionally they operated in the luxury car market segment now they move on to the bigger range of passenger cars. Daimler’s product range includes Mercedes Benz cars(A,B,C,G,GL,CLS E,ML, S,SL,SLK,SLR models, Maybach and Smart.They have also commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and components. Daimler sold 467,000 heavy, medium and light trucks in 2007. They have also Daimler Financial services. Mercedes Benz active in three forms of motor sport like Formula one, Formula three, and DTM. At 2007 in Frankfurt motor show they showed seven hybrid models including the F700 concept car which combined hybrid drive with innovative Diesotto engine. Daimler is committed to enhancing the quality of life and the environment and societies. Compliance with environmental legislation and regulations is a matter of course for Daimler.To ensure sustainable development, the Group is also committed to the active and ongoing development of environmental protection, both in production and in the products themselves, in order to further reduce the burden on the environment. They need to address environmental challenge of the future. For monitoring and meeting these environmental challenges they need to commit to the active and ongoing development of environmental protection, both in production and in the products themselves, in order to further reduce the burden on the environment.They also strive to develop products which are highly responsible to the environment in their respective market segments. They would plan all stages of manufacturing to provide optimal environmental protection. Q 2: a) Describe the basis on which Daimler segments its current markets and suggest alternative bases. b) Conduct a new market opportunity analysis for Daimler’s range of products over the next three years Daimler Product range include Mercedes Benz (A,B,C,G,GL,SLK,CLS E,ML,R,S,SL,SLR). They also have maybach and smart. Traditionally they has operated in the luxury car market segment.Daimler Chrysler had launched their new super luxury car, the Maybach to much excitement for those that can afford such luxury. The Maybach is the newest addition to the Daimler Chrysler range of car marques, which includes the venerable Mercedes Benz brand. In May 2002, the Maybach went on sale in Europe with two models the Maybach 57 and 62 launched. The Maybach is Daimler Chrysler’s attempt to move into the realm of super luxury car market niche. For super-luxury comes at a hefty price. According to current estimates, worldwide demand for automobiles is likely to grow this year by approximately 2 to 4%.This growth should be primarily driven by the ongoing expansion of the Chinese market and a moderate increase in demand in the United States. No impetus is to be expected from the Western European market, however. Demand in Japan will probably decrease significantly, with a perceptible negative impact on the growth of the world market. Question 3: With reference to the information available in the case and your observations, identify the social and ethical issues which are impacting on Daimler’s global market operations currently and in the future. How should the company respond to these issues?Social issues refer to the matters that can be explained only by factors outside an individual's control and immediate social environment which affect many individuals in a society. Common  social issues  include poverty, violence, justice, human rights (suppression of), equality (or discrimination), and crime, and usually revolve around conflicting viewpoints and tensions between people who take different stances. Ethical issues refers to a  problem  or situation that  requires  a  person  or  organization  to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical).For example, if you are faced with an applicant who is a close friend or family member. If you consider yourself an â€Å"equal opportunity employer,† then your ethical obligation is to consi der her qualifications against other potential candidates, rather than practice favoritism. In the late 1930’s and in 1955 after a spectator was killed, Mercedes-Benz withdrew itself from motorsport completely. Until the 1980’s, Mercedes-Benz did not return to the world of motorsport. For a certain period of time there out of action due to the social distress they caused.Now the company should maintain high security and hire extremely talented professional race drivers to avoid this kind of social distress again. Increased demand is coming from China and India, which is a good sign for the industry. But there are some problems. Like, China did not fully implement the WTO commitments across a wide range of areas, causing real concern. China is also creating non-tariff barriers. On top of such restrictions, the eco lobby is busy targeting countries like China and India to cut their carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. In all markets, the anti globalization lobby is om nipresent.

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Cross Cultural Communication Is Self Explanatory Essay

A1: Cross-Cultural Communication The term Cross-Cultural Communication is self-explanatory. Cross cultural communication refers to the communication between people who have differences in any one of the following: nationality, ethnicity, race, culture etc. Cross cultural communication can also refer to the attempts that are made to exchange, negotiate and mediate cultural differences by means of language, gestures and body language. It is how people belonging to different cultures communicate with each other. Each individual can practice culture at varying levels. An individual is constantly confronted with the clash between his original culture and the majority culture that he is exposed to daily. Cultural clashes occur as a result of individuals believing their culture is better than others. Cross cultural communication has been influenced by a variety of academic disciplines. It is necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to conflicts between individuals or groups. Cross cultural communication creates a feeling of trust and enables cooperation. The focus is on providing the right response rather than providing the right message. When two people of different cultures encounter each other, they not only have different cultural backgrounds but their way of talking will also be different. Many cultures have a rather harsh tone while talking and many have a soft tone. This is all because of the culture in which people are brought up. Many culture prohibitShow MoreRelatedThree Disciplines1097 Words   |  5 Pageswish to pursue a career in business, and being the most in-depth discipline. Psychology has more quantitative information, more interesting career opportunities and more systemized in comparison to anthropology and sociology. My character is very self-assured and I am not convinced easily, so with all my stubbornness, I cannot be persuaded by theory, I need proof. In 1879, Wilhelm Wundt opened the first experimental laboratory in psychology at the University of Leipzig, Germany (WGBH EducationalRead MoreCultural Bias And Health Care Disparity1528 Words   |  7 PagesCultural Bias and Health Care Disparity: Introduction: Cultures, social, ethnicity, English proficiency are factors that my significantly affect the quality of healthcare. Patient’s perspective, values, beliefs and behavior are highly influenced by the sociocultural background pf the patient (1-5). These factors can affect dealing with patient’s symptoms, seeking care, pain toleration, care adherence, preventive measure, and health care expectations. There is a clear evidence that links Clinician-patientRead MoreEmbracing The Shock Essay1692 Words   |  7 Pagesextremely difficult to teach. On the other hand, it is still important to teach cultural shock because it can play a key role in creating a sense of cultural awareness. In order to teach culture shock to her students, Baker conducted an experiment. In this experiment she had three main objectives in addressing culture shock. These included students being strangers and better understanding intercultural communication, recognizing how values and views from from culture to culture, and the opportunityRead MoreCritical Analysis of the Dsm Iv Tr1073 Words   |  5 Pageswidely used classifications of mental disorders throughout the world. These classification systems were created to provide a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders thus allowing for better and more accurate communication between mental health workers. The Diagnostic a nd Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is used mostly in the United States of America and in varying degrees around the world, by clinicians, as well as researchers, psychiatric drug regulationRead MoreImportant Factors That Uk Managers Should Consider And Learn Foreign Languages1835 Words   |  8 Pages2001) Also, each language has exhibited the realization of the basic culture. Moreover, barriers to communication that happen when people from different cultures joint venture that frequently makes people to misinterpret each other’s purposes and meaning in culture diversity circumstances, (O Connell, 1999). The high risk of misinterpret is an issues that is the essential of cross-culture communication. Miscommunication and misunderstandings happened, due to people from different education, experienceRead MoreInterpersonal Communication: Principles and Misconceptions2426 Words   |  10 PagesInterpersonal communication Interpersonal communication is the form of communication that exists between two people; it is a universal kind of communication. It includes the daily exchange that may be formal in nature or informal in nature and can be in the form of facial expression, sounds, gestures, words and postures (MBA Knowledge base, 2011). Interpersonal communication, involves dissemination and reception of objective message or information between two or more people/groups with an aim ofRead More The Affect of National Culture on Human Resources Essay2644 Words   |  11 Pagesculture seems to be crucial in explaining cross-national HR management difference. Based on Hofstede’s (1993) definition of national culture, it is stated that national culture is the software of the mind, and it is deeply embedded in everyday life and fairly resistant to change. Moreover, it is confirmed that national culture has a significant relationship with HR policies and practice (Hofstede, 1993). Also, Earley (1994) demonstrated that national cultural values that reinforce HR are more likelyRead MoreCommunication Between Physicians And Patients2285 Words   |  10 PagesCommunication between a physician and patient is a popular subject matter in the Healthcare industry. A good, healthy relationship between physicians and patients is extremely important and extremely necessary. According to a consensus statement on physician and patient communication, â€Å"effective communication between doctor and patient is a central clinical function that cannot be delegated.† There is no evidence that communicating well with patients will make an enormous difference on any healthcareRead MoreCultural Impact on Effective Styles of Management3883 Words   |  16 Pagesnot necessary for a business person to forsake their ways and to change to conform to local customs but, rather, to be aware of differences and willing to accommodate those differences that can cause misunderstandings. Just as is the case with all cultural differences, a person’s SRC can cause problems when trying to operate under different business customs. The literature is full of examples of misunderstandings between business persons from different cultures when each responds to the other fromRead MoreEssay about Research Critical Analysis1817 Words   |  8 PagesJournal Article Evaluation: Barinaga, E. (2007) ‘Cultural diversity’ at work: ‘National culture’ as a discourse organizing an international project group, Human Relations, 60(2): 315-340. Ester Barinaga’s paper on multinational work teams and how they organize themselves using ‘national culture’ and ‘cultural diversity’ as discursive resources is critically discussed, with special attention paid to the limitations of her research approach. This review proceeds as follows. First, the theoretical